Garmin launches ultra-thin PNDs with pedestrian navigation

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Garmin has announced the nüvi 3700 series, setting new standards for design, features and ease of use in personal navigation devices.

The new capacitive multi-touch display in the nüvi 3700 series allows users to zoom in and out (by double-tapping or “pinching” the map), browse surrounding areas on the map (dragging a finger), or change perspective from 2D to 3D and rotate the map 360 degrees (two-finger drag or twist).

nüRoute with trafficTrends and myTrends:

– trafficTrends recommends routes using historical traffic data and recurring trends at any given time or day.

– The nüvi 3700 series remembers frequent destinations and uses myTrends to predict destination without the user needing to activate a route, displaying the arrival time and best route based on relevant traffic information.

nüvi 3790T and nüvi 3760T feature free lifetime traffic alerts and Bluetooth wireless technology for hands-free calling with a compatible phone.

The entire nüvi 3700 series is preloaded with ecoRoute to help drivers with fuel-efficient navigation.

Users can also make use of the enhanced pedestrian mode with public transit options through cityXplorer content, which helps users with options to navigate by foot or using a combination of buses, tramway, metro and suburban rail systems.

Source: Garmin.

Watch video here.

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