US: Saab to continue offering OnStar services despite sale to Spyker

Saab Cars North America will continue to offer OnStar in its vehicles, marking General Motor’s return to providing its safety-oriented service to other automakers.

GM sold Saab in February to Dutch sports carmaker Spyker Cars NV. Despite the ownership change, the Swedish brand has said it has an agreement with GM to offer OnStar on its new vehicles sold in the United States.

The relationship starts with the 2010 model year, offering OnStar in the same format as GM’s U.S. vehicles: one year free, with the option to renew.

GM formed OnStar in 1995 and previously provided the service to Volkswagen, Audi, Subaru, Lexus, Acura and Isuzu. Those relationships ended throughout the last six years.

Courtesy: Automotive News.

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