BMW extends new Advanced Driver Assistance Systems to the X5

New Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) on the X5 include ACC with stop and go, lane departure warning, speed limit recognition and side view.

Side View uses two cameras integrated in the front wings of the car and serving to monitor traffic moving crosswise to the vehicle. The images obtained in this way are likewise transmitted to the control display.

Moreover, the reversing camera available for the BMW X5 is combined with the Top View system. In addition to the back-up camera and the PDC sensors, Top View uses two cameras in the side mirror, the data obtained in this way on the car and its surroundings being processed by a central computer.

This serves to provide an overall picture presented on the control display and showing both the car and its surroundings from a bird’s eye perspective.

Active Cruise Control complete with a Stop & Go function available as an option gives the driver even greater support and assistance. As soon as the distance from the vehicle ahead pre-set by the driver is no longer maintained, Active Cruise Control adjusts the speed of the car by intervening in engine management and building up brake pressure, thus consistently maintaining the right speed in accordance with traffic conditions. As a result, the vehicle is decelerated and even brought
to a halt whenever required.

Likewise available as an option, Lane Departure Warning detects unintended departure from the appropriate lane at a speed of at least 70 km/h or 43 mph.

The camera fitted in the interior mirror also allows the installation of another driver assistance system for extra comfort on the road. Combined with the Professional navigation system, Speed Limit Info helps the driver to keep informed on the speed limit on the route he is currently taking.

The camera permanently monitors road signs as well as variable overhead gantry signs on motorways. The data obtained in this way are compared with the data saved in the navigation system. The camera is indeed even able to consider additional road signs applicable, for example, only in rainy weather, as well as temporary speed limits, for example at construction sites.

Source: BMW.

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