innovITS ADVANCE ~ World’s first purpose-built ITS testing facility

innovITS has announced the completion of the road network that will form the basis of innovITS ADVANCE, the world’s first purpose-built facility for the development, testing and validation of ITS products and services.

The new facility is the result of collaboration between innovITS, MIRA Ltd and TRL and is being constructed at the Nuneaton (UK) headquarters site of MIRA.

When fully commissioned with its private GSM mobile communications and WiFi networks, this complex system of roads and junctions – which includes multi-lane highways and intersections – will become in effect a virtual city in which automakers, telecoms companies and highway operators will be able to develop, test and validate the next generation of ITS innovations.

innovITS ADVANCE business development manager Roger Wilson said, “We are already talking to a wide range of customers and expect to be welcoming them to innovITS ADVANCE very soon. Once operational, I believe that this important new facility will play a major role in enabling the creation of a new generation of ITS technologies, products and services delivering a safer, more fuel-efficient and sustainable future for road transportation”.

Source: ERTICO.

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