US: Rosen aftermarket navi with roadside assistance and concierge services

Rosen Entertainment is introducing factory look-alike radios that will be the first to include an onscreen button that users can press for roadside assistance plus some concierge services.

The company partnered with a tracking device maker, Guidepoint to offer the service, which is free for 90 days. After the trial, there’s an annual fee of $99 through Guidepoint.

Rosen is offering the feature on new in-dash DVD/GPS/monitors. When users press the Guidepoint icon on the head unit screen, they are connected to Guidepoint’s 24/7 call center. Users need to pair their mobile phone to use the service. The service adds no cost to the actual price of the navigation unit.

When the user taps the Guidepoint button he can get concierge services such as travel and dining reservations, sports scores and directions, etc. He can also receive help with towing, flat tires, door unlock, and gasoline fill up at no charge up to the first $50 of service.

Guidepoint Systems makes tracking devices and tracking apps for smartphones including the iPhone and Google Droid. It also makes a Bluetooth add-on kit for car radios to deliver hands free calling plus roadside assistance.

Source: CE Outlook.

Learn more about Rosen here.

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