China: Dongfeng Fengshen chooses Conti’s “Simply your Drive” concept

Continental and Dongfeng have formed a co-operation to integrate Conti’s ‘Simplify your Drive’ concept into a Dongfeng Fengshen H30 ECS show car, showcased at Auto China 2010.

Continental’s Simplify your Drive concept helps vehicle manufacturers to adapt their vehicles to their target groups even better and reduce the number of compromises required during the course of vehicle development.

The vehicle profiles provided by “Simplify your Drive” are an easy-to-use solution for the driver. One press of a button has a simultaneous impact on all vehicle domains. Drivers will be able to switch easily between Eco, Sport and Comfort profiles with the push of a button.

The look and feel of the interior, display content and the settings for the engine, transmission, infotainment and comfort systems will all change depending on the selected driving profile.


* Green ambience and efficiency indicator
* Eco-minded route finder
* Ecologically optimized engine management aimed at reducing real consumption
* Transmission management with matching shift points
* Drag-coefficient-optimized suspension settings
* Profile-specific Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
* Efficiency-optimized energy management
* Accelerator Force Feedback Pedal (AFFP) generates counterpressure to alert driver to non-eco-friendly accelerating behavior


* Sporty red ambience with driving dynamics indicator
* Performance-optimized engine management
* Transmission management with dynamic response
* Suspension setting for sporty driving
* Sport-tuned advanced driver assistance systems
* Accelerator Force Feedback Pedal (AFFP) with high pedal force


* Harmonious blue ambience
* Displays reduced to essentials
* Convenient engine and transmission harmonization
* Pleasing damping and maximum spring travel
* Maximum use of advanced driver assistance systems
* Accelerator Force Feedback Pedals (AFFP) with reduced pedal force
* Plain-talking reports on the state of the vehicle

Source: Continental.

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