NAVTEQ Motorway Junction Objects available for over 6000 EU locations

Now available for over 6000 European locations, NAVTEQ’s Motorway Junction Objects enable navigation systems to generate 3D animations of complex intersections on key roads such as the Peripherique in Paris, the M1 in the UK or Berlin’s A2.

Developed using a combination of NAVTEQ’s own navigation expertise, user interface insights and advanced technology, this new product supports the creation in real-time of intuitive visual guidance right from the approach to a junction through the entire manoeuvre. Drivers can instantly recognise the 3D visual cues in complicated situations.

The data is also designed to work seamlessly with NAVTEQ’s other visual content such as Sign-As-Real, 3D City Models and 3D Landmarks. By more closely matching what is outside the windshield, drivers will be better informed and better prepared to avoid last minute lane changes.

“Our proprietary research has shown that consumers want visual features which help make driving easier but not more entertaining,” explained Frank Pauli vice president, Map and Content products EMEA. “They value visual prompts which enable split second recognition of the situation so they can handle the manoeuvre with confidence. Motorway Junction Objects meets that demand and further expands our growing portfolio of visual content.”

Motorway Junction Objects is available in three levels of detail to accommodate a wide variety of hardware and software configurations. The texturing used in the 3D models can also be customised by system manufacturers to create a unique look and feel. There is also flexibility to display what is ahead from different viewing angles – eg. from the driver’s perspective or a bird’s eye view.

Source: ERTICO.

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