Hella announces 24GHz radar-based ADAS

Hella’s radar systems are approved for use in most areas of the world. In Japan, Hella is the only supplier to be licensed to use a 24 GHz radar frequency.

Radar technology operates in all weather conditions, giving it a clear advantage over optical systems, that require a clear visual path.

New product developments include-

Distance Warning Alert:

Hella’s Distance Warning System continuously measures the distance to a car ahead, providing an audible tone, a visual sign or a vibration warning when the distance falls below the limit established by the driver.

The first use of Hella’s distance warning system on a production vehicle was on a 2009 PSA Citroën. (Note: The Peugeot 3008 features a Distance Alert system).

Lane-Change Assistant (Blind spot monitoring):

Hella’s Lane-Change Assistant warns the driver when it may be unsafe to change lanes. It is in series production at several OEMs, including Audi, Mazda and Volkswagen. Two 24 GHz radar sensors alert the driver to vehicles alongside or behind the car. A warning distance of nearly 230 feet allows time for the driver to take any corrective action, especially in highway traffic.

Rear Cross-Traffic Alert System:

Hella’s Rear Cross-Traffic Alert is part of the company’s Lane-Change Assistant. It alerts drivers to approaching traffic when leaving a parking space. The system is especially helpful in crowded parking lots and garages where a driver’s field of vision is limited.

Not currently in production, Rear Cross-Traffic Alert is being considered by several automakers for use in North America.

Learn more about Hella here.

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