US: GEWI platform compatible with TrafficLand traffic camera network

GEWI has announced that their new TIC3 software platform for processing traffic data is now fully compatible with the TrafficLand traffic camera network.

This new capability will allow local Department of Transportation (DOTs) offices and users of DOT data to easily reference TrafficLand cameras for a variety of types of location referencing. TIC users will also be able to quickly reference the nearest camera to a traffic incident, and even create alert notifications or generate response plans, which include a view of the incident from the TrafficLand camera.

“This new capability in the TIC system brings together the world leader in transportation software and the largest authorized aggregator and distributor of live traffic video in the U.S.” said Jim O’Neill, CEO of GEWI North America. “This collaboration will make it easier than ever for both public and private sector companies to collect, store, view and distribute TrafficLand cameras and associate those cameras with other types of event, incident or even sponsorship data.”

Learn more about GEWI here.

Learn more about TrafficLand here.

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