US: iTag launches free ‘car finder’ app for Android phones

Following up on last month’s launch of its new mobile phone Lost and Found application and services for Android handsets, iTag has announced the launch of its FREE ‘Tag Your Wheels’ service.

Features of iTag’s Tag Your Wheels:

* Automatically save parked car’s location anytime mobile phone unpairs from car’s Bluetooth. (Manual tagging also available)

* Users can view their current location and their parked cars’ location on the phone.

* iTag tracking arrow directs users to car’s location, including distance to car.

* Notes parking garage level and space car is parked in.

* Automatically marks the time the car was parked.

* Set iTag Parking Meter Alert to notify when a meter’s time is almost up.

iTag is a FREE service and from iTag’s website, owners can literally view the location of their phone or parked car on a map. Consumers can also make their phone ring from, even if it is set to silent or vibrate. As an added precaution against thieves, if someone switches the phone’s SIM card, an alert is sent and the owner can view the new number to give it to the authorities.

Learn more here.

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