Broadcom launches low-cost Bluetooth reference platform

Broadcom has announced a new Bluetooth reference design platform that will enable improved audio quality and a more compelling user experience in a broader range of hands-free car kit devices.

This new design platform, built upon the Broadcom BCM20741 family of Bluetooth system-on-a-chip (SoC) solutions for headset devices, includes an upgrade to its SmartAudio sound and voice enhancement technology that reduces annoying background noise to deliver clear conversations in all driving conditions. Samsung has adopted this new platform for its HF1000 car kit device, which is now shipping.

Key features that this new technology platform enables include:

* Echo cancellation that significantly improves ‘double-talk’ performance.

* ‘Near-end’ speech intelligibility enhancement that automatically enhances the quality and loudness of the caller’s voice so that drivers can focus their attention on the road.

* Integrated multiple language voice prompts (in on-chip ROM) that increases ease-of-use and lowers bill-of-materials (BOM) cost.

* An integrated ‘fast-charging’ power management unit that is capable of recharging large car kit batteries in minutes.

* Highly tunable audio algorithms that enable further differentiation and a unique capability to adapt to various form factors.

Source: Broadcom.

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