5 more EU Member States sign the eCall MoU

The European Commission has welcomed five more Member States endorsing the eCall in-car emergency system.

Five Member States (Belgium, Denmark, Luxemburg, Malta and Romania) are signing the eCall Memorandum of Understanding at a ceremony in Brussels on 4th May. In doing so, they are joining the 15 EU countries and 3 other European countries which have committed to deploying eCall (Austria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, The Netherlands, Sweden Iceland, Norway and Switzerland).

The Memorandum is also being signed on 4th May by additional organisations, namely Agoria, ATX, Belgian Automobile Club Touring, DEKRA, Electronics Solutions, European Transport Safety Council (ETSC), EUROSMART, GMV, ITS Belgium, National Company of Motorways and National Roads from Romania, OctoTelematics, Romanian-American University, Special Telecommunications Service (STS), UTI Systems.

The system has received formal backing of 90 signatories, including mobile phone operators as well as Europe’s car manufacturers.

Source: European Commission.

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