Jaguar XJ touch-screen head unit supplied by Bosch

Bosch has developed the touch-screen head unit (8 inches on the diagonal) that will be introduced onto the market in the new Jaguar XJ.

In addition to the operating logic of the human-machine interface, it also includes resource management for the infotainment system, i.e. it controls the information and entertainment media in the vehicle.

Another new feature is the Dual View display, which makes it possible to show different information on the same screen for the driver and the front-seat passenger: the driver has the navigation map in full view while driving and at the same time the front-seat passenger can enjoy a video film or scroll through an iPod playlist.

The head unit recently developed by the Bosch Car Multimedia division is equipped with a high-resolution color touch screen (800×480 pixels), allowing the driver to control the radio and navigation system just as easily as the telephone or air conditioning by simply touching the screen.

The new Jaguar XJ has also been equipped with a so-called media hub, which allows the user to connect an MP3 player, an iPod or a USB stick to the infotainment system. All these devices can be controlled by the central head unit from Bosch, just like the separate hard disk, which has plenty of room to hold all the user’s favorite music files.

Source: Bosch.

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