NAVIGON PNDs to get Motion Sensor for ‘no-touch’ operation


NAVIGON Motion Sensor enables innovative operation of the PND with hardly any need to touch the device.

For instance, voice control is activated by a casual stroke of the frame. And a simple wave across the display is sufficient to activate MyBest POI. The menu bar, which otherwise stays in the background, can also be called up in the same way. The Motion Sensor will be installed in selected devices of the next generation.

The Motion Sensor is installed in the housing of the respective devices. It only reacts when a movement of the hand is made intentionally at a distance of a couple of centimetres from the device. This ensures that no random gestures on the part of the driver inadvertently activate particular functions.

When the driver’s hand gets closer to the display, it simultaneously shows the MyBest POI settings bar. This feature enables users to organise their special destinations as they see fit.

Personal favourite categories are displayed as icons on the map. This means that drivers always know at a glance where the next filling station, parking facilities or a favourite fast-food restaurant can be found along the route. When the menu bar is deactivated, the display shows an up to 15% larger map segment.

A gentle touch of the display or housing automatically activates Voice Control to let users control the key features of the navigation by spoken commands. Voice Control is not activated if the driver uses the menu bar or selects one of the special destinations. In such cases, it is only activated when one of the key functions, for instance volume control, is selected.

Source: NAVIGON.


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