US: Elektrobit navi software supports NAVTEQ Traffic for HD Radio

EB (Elektrobit) has announced the availability of NAVTEQ Traffic for HD Radio Systems as part of its EB street director navigation software offering.

“Traffic remains for obvious reasons the most important data feed into a navigation system. This is why we have for many years provided our customers with fully integrated RDS-based traffic support including TMC and TMCpro in Europe,” said Artur Seidel, Vice President of EB’s Automotive Software Business in the Americas.

“HD Radio technology, with its additional bandwidth and the ability to distribute additional content represents a great addition to our offering and we are glad to make HD Radio technology-based traffic support available to our customers in the automotive and consumer markets.”

EB street director is a white-label navigation software targeted for the automotive and consumer electronics markets. It supports multiple operating systems and can be used in different device classes ranging from wireless devices, including MIDs and mobile phones to personal navigation devices (PND) and automotive in-dash navigation systems.

EB street director’s software architecture has open interfaces and allows OEMs to integrate their own applications and services, as well as those of third-party suppliers.

NAVTEQ’s comprehensive traffic data will be fully integrated with the EB street director map display, routing algorithms and user interface. In addition, the system will be optimized to take advantage of the high bandwidth that comes with HD Radio technology, providing frequent and detailed updates.

Source: Elektrobit.

Note: Elektrobit developed Ford’s 911 Assist and Vehicle Health Report applications. Elektrobit is also creating the APIs for developing SYNC apps.

In addition, Elektrobit’s navigation software is used by Fiat’s Blue&Me NAV system and Ford’s Mobile Navigation solution in Europe.

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