Microsoft adds free turn-by-turn navi to Bing Maps for Windows phones

Following in the footsteps of Google and Nokia, Microsoft has announced that it is bringing free, voice-guided navigation to its Windows phones (6.x) via an update to its Bing application.

Excerpts from Bing blog:

We took advantage of the Microsoft Tellme team’s expertise in voice applications to deliver an amazingly lifelike voice experience for the turn-by-turn navigation. If you have a Windows phones on Sprint, T-Mobile, or AT&T you can use the voice guided navigation.

Now when getting directions with Bing, you’ll see a new “Navigate” button. By selecting it, Bing will calculate your route, and guide you as you drive. You can select the fastest or shortest route, choose to avoid traffic and/or tolls, get a map or a list of directions, and see arrows and hear alerts to know which way to turn next.

Courtesy: Bing, Cnet.

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