Skobbler iPhone navi app with OpenStreetMap launched in the UK

Top-selling iPhone navigation app Skobbler has launched in the UK for just £1.19. Having seen over 150,000 downloads in Germany, the new app comes to the UK at the £1.19 introductory price, with the normal price being quoted as £2.39.

The app uses OpenStreetMap and relies on a community-led approach with users crowdsourcing information in order to update maps quickly. Any issues that motorists or pedestrians come across can be highlighted, making for consistently updated and, more importantly up-to-date maps.

Features include; turn-by-turn GPS navigation, being both visual and voice guided; day and night display modes; automatic continuation after incoming calls and a handy pedestrian mode.

The app is available on the iPhone 3G and 3GS from the App Store at the £1.19 price for a limited time.

Learn more about Skobbler here.


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