ST Bluetooth chips for cars to use Alango voice-enhancement software

STMicroelectronics, a chip maker for automotive solutions and Alango Technologies a developer and licensor of front-end voice enhancement technologies, have announced a licensing agreement in which ST will integrate Alango’s software technologies into ST’s advanced Bluetooth chips for car infotainment applications, such as hands-free kits.

Automotive analysts currently forecast that approximately 45% of new cars will be equipped with hands-free equipment by 2012.

Automotive OEMs increasingly require turn-key car infotainment platforms that integrate hardware, Bluetooth software and voice-quality-enhancement algorithms. The integration of Alango’s Voice Communication Package (VCP) into ST’s automotive chips will enable ST to offer single-combo platforms, leading to benefits such lower bill-of-materials costs and smaller supply chains for automotive customers.

The Alango VCP includes acoustic echo cancellation, single- and dual-microphone noise reduction, automatic gain control and other valuable and sound-improving technologies.

“Alango has a proven package of best-in-class and highly efficient voice-enhancement technologies,” said Fabio Marchio, General Manager, Automotive Infotainment Division, Automotive Product Group, STMicroelectronics. “These technologies will further enhance ST’s automotive products and our customers will benefit from the combined ‘one-stop-solution’ and unified customer support.”

Source: STMicroelectronics.

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