UK: ‘insure the box’ insurance launches with Octo Telematics device

insurethebox provides a motor insurance product which harnesses telematics technology to assess individual driving habits.

Driving behaviour is assessed by fitting a telematics box (Clear Box) to the motor vehicle. Clear Box is about the size of a mobile phone and is fitted inside the car. The telematics device sends the following information from the vehicle:

– Number of journeys made
– Distances travelled
– Types of roads used
– Speed
– Time of travel
– Levels of acceleration and braking
– Accidents

When users purchase the car insurance from insurethebox, Octo Telematics will fit the Clear Box using their approved national network of qualified fitters.

Clear Box is a telematics device supplied Octo Telematics and manufactured by Octo’s parent company Meta System.

Find out more about insurethebox here.

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