WiFi’s future ~ 60GHz groups – WiGig and Wireless HD, still in talks

In meetings in Beijing this week engineers are hammering out the future of Wi-Fi. The IEEE 802.11ad group is essentially a replay of a long standing conflict between two opposing camps in 60 GHz wireless technology.

On one side, the backers of the WirelessHD version of 60 GHz technology including a handful of consumer electronics giants and startup SiBeam want to defend their approach which was first to market. On the other side, members of the Wireless Gigabit Alliance driven by top Wi-Fi chip vendors want to establish a new version of 60 GHz technology.

Just prior to the Beijing meeting, the WiGig group struck a deal with the Wi-Fi Alliance which has started a task group to certify a 60 GHz version of Wi-Fi. WiGig also convinced arch-rival SiBeam to build hybrid chips that use both 60 GHz techniques.

According to documents from the Beijing meeting, the .11ad group essentially agreed that both proposals have “many similarities.” They agreed to make one proposal, believed to be the WiGig approach, as the basis for a first draft standard. However, the also agreed to start a closed door process in two weeks to address how to integrate the competing proposal into the draft. They also agreed to approve the resulting draft at a meeting in September.

Such a move could essentially bless the hybrid approach SiBeam took with its recently announced chip set. The result could be to enable a wide variety of chip makers to come to market with WiGig, WirelessHD and hybrid chips and let the market choose what it will adopt.

Courtesy: EETimes.

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