China: Roewe with Android platform ~ more details

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The new Roewe 350 is the first car in the world equipped with Google’s mobile operating system Android. Connection to the outside world goes trough a 3G network from operator China Unicom, the network is called Inkanet. Owners of a 350 can log-in here:

The system, developed in conjunction with the Chinese automaker and Inkanet, employs a 3G internet connection through China Unicom to deliver everything from weather to stock market information, and connects to phones and other multimedia devices through either a cable or Bluetooth connection.

GPS and traffic data is integrated into the system, and users can make phone calls, along with sending and receiving emails and text messages. An on-screen QWERTY keyboard is also incorporated into the custom user interface.

The whole package will set Chinese consumers back around $600-900 when it arrives later this year, and includes 24 months of free service through China Unicom. Check the gallery below for a walk through of its features.

See more photos here.

Text courtesy: The Tycho, Autoblog.

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