Audi announces WiFi hotspot for the A8

Audi has issued a press release giving details about its WiFi hotspot for the A8. German online media is reporting that the system will be available from August 2010.

The WiFi hotspot will be available together with the ‘Bluetooth Autotelefon’ option, which costs 730 Euros, which in turn is available only with the navigation system that costs 2,900 Euros.

Upto 8 devices (laptops, phones, iPads etc) can be connected to the hotspot, which provides a secure connection using WPA2 encryption, up to speeds of 7.2 Mbps using an UMTS modem.

Note: Telit supplies the UMTS modem to Audi.

Internet access is via the user’s SIM card. The user can either insert a SIM into the SIM card slot in the car or connect a phone using Bluetooth SAP (SIM Access Profile).  SAP will allow the car to access the user’s SIM in the phone without the user having to physically insert his SIM in the car.

Source: Audi.

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