RealVNC and Wipro develop remote control solution for Smartphone integration

As a result of the agreement between RealVNC and Wipro Technologies, Wipro has integrated VNC Mobile Solution for Automotive into its Connectivity Framework to enable remote control and access to mobile devices and applications directly from in-vehicle infotainment head units.

RealVNC’s solution permits mobile devices to be automatically detected, accessed and controlled through the head unit touch-screen, bezel keys or steering wheel controls as they enter the vehicle.

VNC technology provides a single, common device independent communications protocol, with RealVNC maintaining the VNC Server software running on the mobile devices for all operating systems and new mobile devices. This provides car manufacturers and Tier-1 suppliers with the advantage of not having to continuously upgrade in-vehicle system software to keep pace within the fast moving mobile market.

By combining its in-depth experience in mobile devices and automotive infotainment systems, Wipro integrated the VNC solution seamlessly through its Connectivity Framework so that the VNC Viewer (client) runs in the head unit in a way that is convenient, flexible and safe for the driver to use.

VNC Mobile Solution for Automotive, an OEM package, is supported for a range of in-vehicle embedded operating systems including Linux, Windows Automotive, CE, QNX, Qt, Android and other proprietary operating systems. RealVNC continues to provide cross-platform solutions with all leading mobile devices supported, including Windows Mobile, Symbian and Blackberry, as well as development versions of iPhone, Android, WebOS and Linux.

Source: RealVNC.

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