SEI is the call centre provider for BMW’s telematics in Europe

In 2009, BMW AG selected SEI to be the telematics call centre provider for BMW Assist services in Europe.

In collaboration with the TSP WirelessCar, SEI began supporting BMW vehicles in November 2009 and completed the migration of 250,000+ vehicles from the current service provider in April 2010.

From its call centre in Olching, Germany, SEI and WirelessCar will continue to provide BMW drivers with the following services in 13 EU countries and 7 languages:

* Automatic and manual emergency call (E Call)
* Up-to-date traffic information
* Concierge services, which offer the driver a wide range of local information and data
* Sending geo-coded information such as point-of-interest (POI) destinations to the car
* Remote services, such as remote door unlock
* Customer relations

Courtesy: ERTICO.

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