Australia: NAVTEQ announces several new products

NAVTEQ has announced several new services for its clients in Australia including location-based advertising, addition of tourism content and an historical traffic database.

Location-based advertising for Yapp Mobile’s Mocal navi app:

Yapp Mobile is Australia’s newest navigation application for the iPhone and is already emerging as among the most popular downloaded navigation applications on the iTunes store.

Yapp Mobile features local search, maps, and, as an introductory offer, free turn-by-turn navigation capabilities for the first 30 days. With the coming integration of NAVTEQ’s LocationPoint advertising service, expected over the next few months, Mocal will become one of the first mobile applications in Australia to deliver location-intelligent ads and special offers to consumers.

Learn more about Mocal here.

Lonely Planet tourist guides:

NAVTEQ has expanded its content portfolio with the addition of ‘Lonely Planet Trips for NAVTEQ’, which includes some of the best traveled road tours in Australia, as well as Lonely Planet captured Points Of Interest (POIs).

Lonely Planet researched and recommended each trip especially for NAVTEQ, and the content was specifically written to be effective on navigation devices. Included is expert commentary for major traveler tours and recommended POIs along the route.

Tiffany Treacy, Senior Vice President for Product Management for NAVTEQ said, “Our proprietary research reveals that over 70% of navigation system owners use local guides for spur of the moment decisions.

Learn more about Lonely Planet here.

NAVTEQ Traffic Patterns:

NAVTEQ Traffic Patterns is a comprehensive database with information about average speed of travel for specific sections of roadways, allowing drivers to avoid typical congestion areas and rely on more accurate arrival time estimates.

NAVTEQ Traffic Patterns for Australia includes:

* Coverage from the largest major freeways down to smaller neighborhood roads, resulting in optimal detours and city routing in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Canberra
* Seven daily traffic models covering each day of the week
* 24-hour speed values in both 15-minute and one-hour increments, which provide the most relevant historical traffic information for specific times of day

Source: NAVTEQ.

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