US: ATX launches iPhone app for Mercedes TeleAid customers

ATX has launched a downloadable application that extends access to connected vehicle services beyond the dashboard and Web portals to vehicle owners’ smartphones.

ATX’s new iRoute application is now available for download at no charge to Mercedes-Benz owners in the U.S. who subscribe to ATX’s Connected Vehicle Services and own vehicles equipped with embedded Tele Aid telematics hardware.

By tapping on the iRoute icon on their iPhone, drivers are quickly linked to ATX to perform point of interest (POI) searches that can then be sent to their vehicle’s navigation system (i.e., business address, closest dealership, gas station locations) to remotely unlock the doors of their vehicle, or to call for roadside assistance.

The iRoute application allows owners to search and retain POIs on their iPhone. This data can then be sent to the owner’s vehicle (for vehicles equipped with download capability). The smartphone app will allow an owner to prepare for travel or searches well in advance of getting into the vehicle or while in the vehicle.

To obtain iRoute, ATX subscribers simply download it from the iTunes App Store to their iPhone and complete the registration with just a few key data points. The new app is compatible with iPhone 3G and 3GS.

No modifications are required to the subscriber’s vehicle or account. The application is designed with an intuitive user interface and the same high level of security and authentication that ATX implements with all of its services to automakers, ensuring there is no risk to the in-vehicle electronics operating vehicle performance and safety systems.

Source: ATX.

Note: Mercedes in the US has switched to Hughes Telematics for its new ‘mbrace’ services.

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