Mobile Devices to use NAVTEQ maps for telematics applications

NAVTEQ has announced that Mobile Devices has chosen to utilize NAVTEQ data globally in its line of dedicated and standardized platforms for fleet management and telematics applications.

Mobile Devices is using NAVTEQ maps for Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific for PND navigation applications, hence the map data will also be employed in Mobile Devices’ Dreevo connected PNDs, which are available direct to consumers and also as an integral part of the company’s enterprise solutions which include white label application stores and its technology “Screen Share”.

Originally specializing in products for professional applications, Mobile Devices has particularly focused on developing the telematics framework architecture specified by the transport and logistics industry.

“Our logistics solutions are used in 42 countries across four continents with more than 400 different applications and NAVTEQ’s single global specification is a big advantage in cross border fleet optimization and routing,” explained Cyril Zeller, Mobile Devices VP Sales & Marketing.

“In addition, our SDK is used by a growing community of over 2,000 developers and integrators around the world to produce both professional and consumer applications and we feel confident that NAVTEQ data will provide the accuracy and coverage required for emerging services.”

Designed to be truly open, Mobile Devices’ MCT 2.0 Open Telematics OS is based on its own embedded software architecture. It enables third party editors to easily add services to all connected devices and upgrade those services in the field. Innovative Screen Share technology allows independently developed applications to operate via one screen and touch panel.

Source: NAVTEQ.

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