US: LG demos Mobile DTV receiver for cars

LG Electronics has demonstrated its industry-standard mobile DTV technology to representatives from the automobile industry in Detroit and discussed how easy it will be to integrate Mobile DTV reception into existing and future car “infotainment” systems.

LG’s Mobile DTV is the first consumer electronics product certified to comply with mobile digital television (DTV) technology now being deployed by American broadcasters.

The DP570MH mobile receiver is the electronics industry’s first portable, battery-operated mobile DTV in the United States that is designed to receive new rugged over-the-air signals being transmitted by local broadcasters as well as display closed captioning information for viewers who rely on text for the full enjoyment of TV programs.

The new product, which will be available later this year, is ideal for backseat viewing by passengers and the technology can easily be integrated into car video systems.

“It’s easy to receive the new mobile DTV broadcasts with our new portable DTV, which comes equipped with a built-in antenna and the ability to play DVDs and CDs,” said Tim Alessi, director of product development, LG Electronics USA, Inc. “And this technology can be easily integrated into rear-seat screens as well.”

The DP570MH comes equipped to play DVD movie discs and audio CDs, and it can also display .JPG photos and play WMA music files from its USB2.0 connection. The DP570MH Portable Television with integrated DVD player will be available later this year at a suggested retail price of $249.

Standardized by the Advanced Television Systems Committee and formally adopted as the mobile DTV standard last October, the new Mobile DTV standard allows broadcasters to use a portion of the existing 19.4 Megabit-per-second DTV channel capacity to transmit data with extremely robust characteristics suitable for mobile, pedestrian and handheld applications. The mobile DTV signal is also compatible with 8-VSB DTV, which was also developed by Zenith, LG’s U.S. research and development lab.

Source: LG Electronics.

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