u-blox releases new Dead Reckoning chip for telematics systems

u-blox has released a new Automotive Dead Reckoning (ADR) solution. The solution has been recently implemented in in-dash navigation and eCall systems at Tier-1 automotive car electronics suppliers to top German auto makers.

The solution blends input from GPS satellites with vehicle sensors to determine position even where GPS signals are blocked or weak. It is compatible with virtually any car model or drive train type.

Dead Reckoning capability is becoming a standard feature in all in-car navigation and telematics systems, a market which is predicted to grow at a rate of 20% per year, from 20 million units sold in 2010 to 49 million units in 2015.

In addition to vehicle navigation, ADR supports a growing number of safety, security and road-pricing applications such as emergency call, pay-as-you-drive insurance, road pricing, and stolen vehicle tracking.

The solution ensures uninterrupted navigation and tracking using aiding data from wheel tick sensors and optional gyroscope acquired from the vehicle data bus. It is completely self-calibrating, requiring no pre-configuration.

Source: u-blox.

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