Taiwan: LUXGEN7 SUV to feature connected navigation, ADAS

Taiwan’s first passenger automobile brand LUXGEN is steaming ahead with the launch of its second model the LUXGEN7 SUV.

After the unprecedented success of its debut model, the LUXGEN7 MPV, which achieved phenomenal sales volume which surpassed the sales volume of the entire Hyundai brand in Taiwan, LUXGEN has poured everything it stands for to create the next new LUXGEN model – the LUXGEN7 SUV.

The Think+ onboard computer system offers video, audio entertainment, telecommunication and GPS navigation.

Also available are four advanced visual assistance systems including Eagle View+ (a 360 degree surveillance system), Side View+ (Blind Spot Monitoring System), LDWS+(Lane Departure Warning System) and Night vision+ (high sensitivity night vision enhancement system) offering unparalleled functionality.

The LUXGEN7 SUV is available in five trim levels at prices ranging from NTD 838,000 to NTD 1,148,000.

Note: The Think+ system on the LUXGEN7 MPV was developed by HTC.

Source: Autoblog.

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