US: Hughes using IBM for telematics back-end

IBM has collaborated with Hughes Telematics, Inc. (HTI) to develop software platforms that more quickly deliver telematics services to its customers.

Atlanta-based HTI provides customers such as Mercedes-Benz USA with the ability to equip their vehicles with onboard sensing and communications systems.

As a new entrant to the telematics market in 2006, HTI needed to build its business from the ground up, and believed that doing so on an open standards platform would produce service opportunities that would put them far ahead of their competition.

HTI partnered with IBM and used its software and services to design and deliver a platform for continuous innovation. As a result of HTI’s collaboration with IBM, the company has been able to bring new services to the market in less than 30 days, far faster than its competitors.

IBM Global Business Services and HTI worked closely together to design and deploy HTI’s core business processes that govern all customer interactions.

“Our key criterion was to develop a telematics architecture that supported not only today’s connected vehicle services, but also tomorrow’s future developed services,” said Keith Kammer, vice president of operations, Hughes Telematics, Inc., “The depth of IBM’s software, services and telematics expertise has accelerated our implementation and positioned us as an industry technology leader.”

Source: IBM.

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