EC opens study on ‘new services enabled by the connected car’

The objective of this European study, SMART, is to identify and analyse the needs of both public and private sectors for the services enabled by the paradigm shift of the connected car to all road users.

Building on the advances in cooperative systems based on Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure communications brought about by the paradigm shift in vehicle connectivity, including wireless broadband and IPv6.

The contractor shall analyse against the study objective all relevant concepts, applications, services and Future Internet technologies, including Internet of Services, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing as well as other concepts, currently abstract to the transport domain, like Web Megaservices, Real Time Services, et al , and produce scenarios for their take-up by the cooperative systems.

The contractor shall propose with each scenario a technology road map for the development and deployment of the necessary technologies and services, which are expected to be facilitated by the European Wide Service Platform (EWSP), as identified in the ELSA in Transport Report. The study shall define the functionality of such a platform and of the proposed services.

The results will provide the basis for a common understanding amongst all stakeholders on the concept of the EWSP and the public and private services enabled by it.

The results of the study will be used as input in defining the strategic research needs in this domain, as well as defining other Commission actions, including those supporting deployment, such as standardisation, field operational tests, pilots and public procurement.

See study specifications here.

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