Luxoft creates a ‘smart’ dashboard using Linux and Qt

Luxoft has announced its newest automotive software platform, LUXdash at the Telematics Update Detroit event.

LUXdash, a ‘smart dashboard,’ replaces traditional analog car dashboards with LCD screens, which display regular indicators and instruments as well as mode-specific vehicle information and infotainment controls.

The cost-effective solution combines dashboard and infotainment functions into one location and can be integrated into a wide range of cars and motorcycles, not just luxury cars.

With LUXdash, users have access to a multitude of functionalities besides the conventional dashboard gauges. That includes GPS navigation, infotainment control, car diagnostics and hands-free telephone access.

The software product platform is based on popular open interfaces and open source solutions, such as Linux and Qt. It is portable to a wide variety of ARM and X86-based hardware platforms.

Luxoft’s Automotive Software unit offers ready-to-implement software product platforms for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), such as Tier-1 and Tier-2 automotive suppliers. The experienced team of engineers can customize its platform according to OEM’s needs and help with the product development.

Learn more about Luxoft here.

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