Continental forms AutolinQ development alliances with 6 partners

Continental has announced AutoLinQ development alliances with technology partners including Deutsche Telekom, INRIX, Navigon, NAVTEQ, Pandora and Ygomi.

Continental is exploring intuitive human machine interface (HMI) strategies for its AutoLinQ demonstration vehicles. The company is testing several user interfaces to achieve its goal of a zero, or one-click, operation of applications and functions inside the car.

Continental has partnered with Deutsche Telekom to wirelessly connect the car to a high-speed wireless network. At the touch of a button, a driver can download e-mails, sync the information to the car and have it broadcast through the audio system via text-to-speech technology. Drivers are able to respond to e-mails by recording audio messages.

4 million people have registered on Pandora and more than 2.5 million people join Pandora every month in order to create and listen to personalized radio stations. Continental’s AutoLinQ platform adds to the ubiquity of Pandora, enabling drivers to access the music they love in the car, where more than 50% of all radio listening occurs.

NAVTEQ is contributing to Continental’s AutoLinQ demonstration vehicle by enabling an automotive-focused service delivery framework.

Running in a browser-based framework, services include NAVTEQ Traffic, Fuel Prices, Points of Interest, “MyCar” car diagnostics, and more. The managed framework is designed to ease and speed integration of new services without updates on devices such as AutoLinQ, resulting in a future-proofed device and enhanced driver satisfaction. The solution is optimized for automotive environments and includes critical security and administrative features such as firewalls and VPNs, vehicle authentication, service portfolio management, service delivery and reporting.

In addition, NAVTEQ provides its automotive-grade quality maps to Navigon’s MobileNavigator and Ygomi’s Dealer Appointment Application demonstrations.

NAVIGON created a MobileNavigator application for Continental’s AutoLinQ system.

With Ygomi’s dealer appointment app for AutoLinQ, drivers who encounter a check engine light or other vehicle warning can choose to be connected or routed to a nearby or other preferred dealership. The Ygomi application enables drivers to view their own calendar next to the selected dealer’s schedule, and to book a repair appointment. Drivers can book an appointment on their own or assisted by agents who have the ability to remotely access vehicle location and information.

Continental also has teamed with INRIX, to showcase a new category of navigation applications designed for commuters.

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