Audi Sound Concept features 62 speakers

The idea behind Audi Sound Concept is a physical principle called wave field synthesis. Installed in the test Audi Q7 are 62 speakers – five woofers and five tweeters plus 52 mid-range speakers in the instrument panel beneath the windshield, in the roof pillars and in the doors.

Five units are integrated into each door sill – with Audi-typical perfect workmanship. Specialists made cutouts in the sheet metal, fabricated new bezels and lowered the interior door release handles.

Audi Sound Concept is the most advanced project of the entertainment development engineers in Ingolstadt. Audi has accumulated broad-based know-how in hi-fi technology in just a short time. The brand began collaborating with the upscale American supplier Bose a good twenty years ago; the collaboration with Bang & Olufsen began around the turn of the millennium.

“Our goal was to show what is technically feasible; to explore the limits,” explains Denis Credé, Head of Sound Development at Audi. “What we are learning will be integrated into the sound systems of tomorrow. It’s like with racing: A lot of what is first tried out on the race tracks of this world later shows up in modified in production vehicles. The Audi Sound Concept project is like racing for sound systems.”

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