NAVTEQ enhances coverage of Egypt and Saudi Arabia

NAVTEQ continues to expand its coverage in the Middle East and Africa with the launch of a full, navigable map for Egypt and a completely updated addressing system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

NAVTEQ accelerated its map building programme in Egypt when the government opened its policy regarding GPS mobile phones and navigation systems and now offers coverage of the country’s entire road network of around 75,000 kilometres.

The map also features many attributes that support efficient, turn-by-turn navigation and driver orientation. This includes over 90 3D Landmarks of well-known locations in 14 key cities and tourist ‘super sites’ such as the Great Sphinx in Giza and the El Karnak Temple in Luxor.

In Saudi Arabia, traditionally there has not been a home and street address structure with people depending on Post Box numbers to receive mail. As a result they have tended to use POIs rather than addresses to select a destination in a navigation system, therefore NAVTEQ has increased the number of these familiar markers to nearly 150,000.

In addition, ‘Point Addressing,’ advanced content that further enhances destination arrival, has been added. This enables more accurate location of individual buildings and, in this case, has been based on the new Saudi Post addressing system which has assigned a unique grid number to every residential house and commercial or government building.

Once people become familiar with the new Wasel addresses, they will be able to use them to select destinations in their navigation systems and be routed directly from door to door.

Source: NAVTEQ.

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