Australia: InTelematics to offer predictive traffic info

Intelematics Australia has developed one of the country’s largest traffic databases to help local motorists and planners better predict travel times.

The new service, SUNA Predictive, provides an extensive database of real-world travel times across the Australian main road network. So far, more than one billion speed measurements have been captured using probe vehicles and fixed road sensors ensuring the new service reflects actual travel times rather than theoretical predictions based on road class or speed limits.

Systems incorporating SUNA Predictive will have visibility of speed profiles for each main road segment, based on time of day and day of week. By leveraging this knowledge, better route advice and greatly improved arrival time estimation will now be possible.

By providing insight into real-world conditions, SUNA Predictive will significantly improve the accuracy of GPS navigation calculations, as well as logistics and scheduling applications. Road management agencies may also use the database in capacity planning and road management applications.

SUNA Predictive has been developed by leveraging traffic information used or generated by SUNA Traffic Channel, a real-time traffic service that has been broadcasting detailed information on traffic congestion and other road conditions directly to compatible GPS navigation devices since 2007.

SUNA Predictive leverages a sophisticated statistical approach, which has been developed by Intelematics Australia, to generate the best approximation of typical travel times and average travel speeds on each road segment, taking in to account both delays at traffic lights, and the actual speed of vehicle movements. The database provides average travel times on each road within the SUNA Predictive database at 15-minute intervals for each day of the week.

Using SUNA Predictive navigation systems can better estimate the time a journey will take, as well as suggesting the quickest route taking normal traffic conditions into account. Traffic planners, local government, fleet operators, businesses and anyone impacted by traffic will be able to use SUNA Predictive to better understand the underlying traffic patterns that impact us on a daily basis.

Source: InTelematics.

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