Japan: Pioneer chooses Option USB modems for navi internet access

Option’s new iCON wireless USB modem will add broadband connectivity to Pioneer latest car navigation systems in Japan.

An iCON USB modem, a SIM card and a data plan from SoftBank Mobile network are provided with each new car navigation system. The wireless car navigation solution will become available as of July and will be sold in retail shops across Japan and in the shops of SoftBank.

The addition of the wireless solution based on the iCON USB modem gives the users of the car navigation systems (AVIC-T07, AVIC-T05 and AVIC-T05-S) access to real-time information available from Pioneer services including information on traffic congestion, nearby gas stations and fuel prices along the route, parking information, weather forecast for the selected destination, notification of parking space availability ( sent five minutes before arrival), pick-up assist and location based event information provided by Yahoo! Japan.

This project demonstrates Option’s ability to offer, through its expertise in connectivity software and integration support, customized solutions and professional services to the OEM/ODM market, resulting in certification acceptance from SoftBank.

Option’s new slim iCON USB modem fits perfectly into Pioneer’s new car navigation system. The small, lightweight HSPA USB device is specifically developed and aimed at the automotive and navigation systems sector.

Source: Option.

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