PocketGPSWorld.com launches speed camera iPhone app

UK-based PocketGPSWorld.com has released last week its first iPhone application that leverages its database of speed cameras, until now available as a download for Personal Navigation Devices.

“CamerAlert” cost an initial £0.59 on the iTunes Store, which includes one free database update. To continue receiving database updates users can subscribe to the service via the CamerAlert application or via the web. The subscription can be used on other GPS devices as well as the iPhone (maximum of three devices). Existing PocketGPSWorld.com subscribers can use their £19.99 annual membership to keep the camera data up to date by linking their member details in the app.

Founded in 2002, PocketGPSWorld.com is a consumer website with GPS news, reviews and forums and a membership of over 315,000.

Courtesy: GPS Business News.

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