Audi, BMW and VW showcase ADAS tech developed through the AKTIV project

AKTIV is the acronym used for the research initiative “Adaptive and cooperative technologies for intelligent transport”.

AKTIV has an overall budget of €60 million, the majority of which is provided by the research partners. The Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology is contributing €25 million, while the Federal Ministry of Education and Research is providing €2.1 million. The research initiative itself is divided into two main projects: “Assistance Systems / Active Safety” (“AS”) and “Traffic Management” (“VM”). In addition to these main areas, the initiative also includes the project “Cooperative Cars” (“CoCar”).

With an investment volume of €37.5 million, “AS” is the largest project within this research initiative. Besides “Integrated Lateral Assistance” (“IQF”), this project also investigates the four topics of “Active Hazard Braking” (“AGB”), “Intersection Assistance” (“KAS”), “Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety” (“SFR”) and “Driver Awareness and Safety” (“FSA”).

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