MEPs back EU-wide specifications for ITS

The European Parliament Transport Committee has approved legislation that would require new ITS systems, to be deployed by 2013, to be compatible with existing national ones. The plenary vote is scheduled for July.

Transport Committee MEPs approved a deal struck with Council in May on implementing arrangements and a timetable for introducing ITS traffic monitoring and safety assistance systems that are compatible with existing national systems and interoperable. They amended the draft legislation to take account of the needs of vulnerable road users and address data privacy concerns.

Deployment timetable

The ITS service deployment timetable is as follows:

* EU-wide real-time traffic information services (by the end of 2013)
* EU-wide multimodal travel information services (by the end of 2014)
* universal traffic information on road safety, free of charge to users (by the end of 2012)
* interoperable “e-Call” technology to alert the emergency services automatically of road accidents (by the end of 2012)
* information services for safe and secure parking places for trucks and commercial vehicles (by the end of 2012)

Member States will remain free to chose whether or not to implement these systems on their territory. If they do, however, they must comply with the EU common specifications, to ensure pan-European interoperability.

Source: ERTICO.

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