EU: Citroën to equip all models with WiFi router

French car maker Citroën has announced that it will offer Internet connectivity in all their vehicles by the end of the summer – ‘WiFi OnBoard’.

Internet connection is made possible via a WiFi router (dealer fit accessory) with a UMTS USB modem and a 3G SIM (user provided). Users can connect any portable device to this WiFi hotspot in the car to access the Internet.

Roaming is disabled to avoid bill shock as data usage when outside the home network is very expensive.

As the USB modem is detachable, the user can remove it from the car and use it at home with a laptop, for example.

WiFi OnBoard costs €425 (incl VAT) plus fitting charges. This is already available for the C3 Picasso, C4 Picasso, new C3 and DS3. By the end of summer, WiFi OnBoard will be available across the entire Citroen range.

Peugeot is likely to follow as it already offers this feature on some of its models like the 5008.

Source: Auto123, PrestigeCars, MoniteurAutomobile.

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