eCall: SBD distinguishes fact from fiction

Excerpts from the SBD Blog:

The recent approval of the ITS Directive by the European Parliament has received widespread coverage within the telematics industry, but there remains a great deal of confusion about what it actually means.

Contrary to various claims, the approval of the ITS Directive does not mean that eCall has been mandated on new cars. Instead, the Directive mandates that eCall standards be completed by 2012, and that any public eCall system introduced after that time must comply with those standards.

Whilst an actual mandate for the fitment of eCall in cars may still follow, it is not here yet. The EC is still conducting a detailed Impact Assessment before deciding whether to mandate eCall on all new type-approved cars.

The road to pan-European eCall has been paved with complexities, and will continue to cause uncertainty and confusion within the automotive industry. For this reason, it is vital to receive the right analysis, rather than rushed conclusions.

Source: SBD.

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