Canada: Garmin launches connected services using Rogers and Jasper

Garmin has announced that the nüvi 1690 is now available in Canada and utilizes Rogers Communications Inc.’s national network to access data from Garmin’s nüLink! service.

The nüvi 1690 provides direct links to certain online information like Google local search, traffic, weather, movie listings, flight status, white pages and safety cameras. These same dynamic features are available when Canadian customers travel to the U.S., and the n?vi 1690 with Rogers is the first personal navigation device (PND) to make it easy and affordable to roam across the Canadian and U.S. border.

“The Canadian version of the nüvi 1690 comes with one-year of free nüLink! service, and is the first PND in Canada to offer such a broad array of dynamic content that is included in the purchase price of the device” said Dan Bartel, Garmin’s vice president of worldwide sales.

The Canadian version of the nüvi 1690 has preloaded maps of North America and is available in Canada immediately for a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $399.99 ($429.99 CAD). In Canada, the first one-year of Garmin nüLink! is free, and after that, the subscription renewal price for data services and n?Link! is $60.00 for the year ($65.00 CAD). Canadian customers who plan to use the n?vi 1690’s n?Link! services in the U.S. can also add roaming capabilities throughout the U.S. for a nominal fee of $5.00 per month ($9.99 CAD).

Garmin’s Canadian launch leverages Rogers M2M QuickLink (, powered by
Jasper Wireless, offering a turnkey platform enabling market entry and automated management capabilities for a wide range of connected devices.

Source: Garmin.

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