NAVTEQ survey reveals increase in demand for latest map data

NAVTEQ reports that seventy percent of U.S. drivers indicate a desire to have the most current road information in their devices at all times – up 22 percentage points from 2008. Even when traveling far from home, 53% percent of drivers indicate a need for accurate maps, nearly twice the number reported in 2008.

NAVTEQ also reports that the proprietary study conducted in March of this year, found that increased demand for purchasing an updated map is driven by:

* A need for improved ability in performing address searches (43%)
* An out of date map e.g. Points of Interests (39%)
* A desire to obtain better map coverage (33%)

Two-thirds (65%) of the studies’ respondents who had already obtained a map update thought it was excellent or good value for the money (up from 47% in 2008). For in-vehicle navigation system owners, a map update was especially important to their vehicle satisfaction – 92% up from 61% in 2008.

Eighty-six percent of respondents reported that they would like their map updates at least once a year, and the majority of those respondents, 75%, said they would like to be reminded to make these updates.

The online U.S. study was managed by The Blackstone Group, a full service custom marketing research and consulting firm that over the past 23 years has established itself as a leader in providing insights to a broad range of industries including transportation. The panel consisted of roughly 1,000 people who owned in-vehicle navigation systems, portable navigation devices (PND) and/ or wireless devices.

Source: NAVTEQ.

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