Volkswagen demonstrates Terminal Mode concept

Taken from Engadget:

At MobileBeat 2010, Volkswagen engineers showed how a (prototype) VW Passat might be fitted with Terminal Mode — in this case duplicating the phone’s display in its entirety (plus additional controls) on the auto’s larger touchscreen.

Sadly, VW said the tech’s still a couple years away from commercial integration into vehicles, though they expect to see third parties selling Terminal Mode add-on kits and the like a bit sooner.

Until then, Nokia and partner companies have to figure out how to encourage developers while simultaneously restricting apps that might distract drivers; VW reps told Engadget that while users download car-compatible apps from existing app stores rather than a separate Terminal Mode marketplace, compatible programs will be categorized and restricted from in-motion use based on a set of still-to-be-determined rules.

See video and original article on Engadget here.

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