UK: Seat adds DAB to new navigation system

Seat has announced that it will start offering the Seat Digital Radio as an option on the new Leon, Altea and Altea XL models.

The Seat Digital Radio is integrated into a new satnav system which is called Media System 2.1. Apart from the Seat Digital Radio, the new Media System 2.1 also offers Bluetooth audio streaming, a new touch screen, pre-installed maps of Western Europe and a hard drive.

The Media System’s touch screen can be used to control a compatible, Bluetooth-linked mobile phone – offering the driver both a large numeric keypad as well as access to call lists, phone books and so on.

The Media System 2.1 with Seat Digital Radio is priced at 795.00 GBP if it gets included in the Bluetooth Communications Pack or 1,375.00 GBP if it comes with the Technology Pack.

The new Media System 2.1 which features Digital Audio Broadcasting is already available for ordering.

Source: ZER Customs.

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