UK Survey: Most in-car arguments are due to navigation

According to a new survey by car accessories retailer Halfords, more than one in three people argue about where we are going and how to get there.

Almost two thirds (65%) say disagreements flare up as a result of their partner’s poor navigation. 80% of women complained their partners never checked the route before setting off compared with 65% of men, while 85% said they argued because the driver refused to ask directions.

The next big cause of car rows are on-going family squabbles, that continue in the car after leaving home. Third, in the league table, is kids complaining about the time the trip was taking. Fourth is the way the driver was driving the vehicle, after which came the actions of other drivers, road conditions (traffic jams) and then the choice of music.

Nearly 70 % of people questioned in the study admit to a quarrel in their cars at least once a month according to the report and almost one in five (18%) said they argued in the car at least once a week. Only the home beat the car as a more frequent place for rows.

Drivers and passengers recognised the dangers of in car disputes. One in four fear it could distract the driver and cause an accident. However for one in three of us the pet hate is having to sit for the rest of the journey in angry silence next to the person we have just been arguing with.

Paul McClenaghan, Halfords Commercial Director said: “Whilst we have no plans to extend our services into marriage guidance, we can offer a solution to the most frequent causes of in-car rows.

“With our extensive range of sat nav systems arguments about dreadful directions and terrible map-reading, could become a thing of the past. Add to that our large choice of in car entertainment products, from the latest DVD players to cutting edge audio systems and you could also keep your parents and children far too occupied to quarrel.”

The survey of over 2200 people across the UK was commissioned to promote Halfords latest range of sat nav systems.

Source: Halfords.

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