Europe plans to mandate ADAS on vehicles to cut road deaths

The European Commission has adopted an ambitious Road Safety Programme which aims to cut road deaths in Europe in half in the next decade. The programme sets out a mix of initiatives, at European and national level, focussing on improving vehicle safety, the safety of infrastructure and road users’ behaviour.

Much work has already been done in the period 2001-2010 with regard to “passive” safety devices for vehicles such as seatbelts and airbags. Between 2011-2020 a range of new “active safety” measures will come into force for safety equipment including:

*Mandatory electronic stability control (for cars, buses and trucks to reduce the risk of destabilising or rolling)

*Mandatory lane departure warning systems (for trucks and buses)

*Mandatory automatic emergency braking systems (for trucks and buses),

*Mandatory seat belt reminders (cars and trucks)

*Mandatory speed limiters for light commercial vehicles/vans (already in place for trucks)

*For electric vehicles, the Commission will bring forward a package of concrete measures setting technical standards for safety.

*The Commission will examine the possibility of extending the implementation of advanced Driver Assistance Systems, such as anti- collision warnings by retrofitting them to commercial and or private vehicles.

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