ADASIS: New protocol for map-based driver assistance systems

The ADASIS forum recently held its General Assembly on 6 July in Aachen hosted by Ford Research.

Discussions mainly focused on the recently released ADASIS v2 specification of the ADASIS CAN protocol. The ADASIS protocol is used to transmit predictive map information over the CAN bus.

This new specification will enable the implementation of new applications to improve driving comfort and fuel efficiency.

During the last 2 years, the ADASIS forum has intensely worked to update and improve the existing ADASIS standard.

Alexander Bracht, Daimler, says: “With the new release version ADASIS v2, the access to the ADAS horizon has been simplified significantly. The new protocol uses the possible driving paths as building blocks, to which additional map attribute information can be attached. This includes also new ADAS attributes like curvature or slope profiles“

The new concept is modular and extendible. “It can be implemented in reduced configurations to support very limited hardware platforms. For more sophisticated applications, a full horizon with all map attributes and alternative path information is also possible,” Bracht says.

He added: “In parallel to the protocol specification, the ADASIS forum has also implemented a reference reconstructor software module. The reference reconstructor is used to test the specification in real-world implementations and to develop application prototypes.”

The ADASIS forum also held a joint workshop with two important European funded research projects: eCoMove and INTERACTIVE. The purpose of this workshop was to identify new requirements for map data and ADASIS interface functionalities in the context of innovative in-vehicle applications for safety and energy efficiency.

The 30 industry members of the ADASIS forum are willing to support further implementation of the standardised interface and therefore accelerate deployment of the ADAS horizon concept.

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Courtesy: ERTICO.

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